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Dreaming of a Youthful WinterMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists


Dreaming of a Youthful Winter

As you enter a new year and part ways with 2018, it’s likely that you’ve also taken time to reflect on how the last year went for you. Each new year offers a new promise that no matter how you felt about the past year, you can resolve to change any aspect of your life you aren’t satisfied with; from vowing to finally get around to going to the gym to learning a new hobby.

Despite how common it is for new year’s resolutions to include your aesthetic goals, very rarely does the list include achieving vibrant, younger-looking skin. Perhaps this is because many of us consider this goal to be a losing battle. After all, it’s a well-known fact that your skin will inevitably trade its firm, smooth texture of youth for the sagging, wrinkled skin that comes with age. But this new year offers the perfect time to reevaluate your aesthetic goals.

The face, in particular, is one of the most vulnerable areas for visible signs of aging to occur. If you’re dreaming of a more youthful winter that allows you to look as fantastic as you feel into the new year and beyond, let Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists make your dreams a reality with a facelift.

Why Get a Facelift?

Once visible signs of the aging process start to show up around your early thirties, the youthful quality of your skin begins to diminish as the production of collagen and elastin in your skin slows and weakens over time. Without the strong connective tissue or proteins to keep skin supple, the thin, delicate skin on your face will start to reveal the telltale signs of aging, such as loose skin, volume loss, fine lines and wrinkles. After a certain point, noninvasive rejuvenation procedures such as lotions, serums, fillers, or skin surface treatments are no longer effective in restoring the volume lost from the face or tightening loose skin and may leave you with a feeling of hopelessness about your appearance. That’s where a facelift comes in.

A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a surgical cosmetic procedure that works to drastically improve the appearance of visible signs of aging present on your face and neck. It is considered the gold standard when it comes to rejuvenating procedures, as it successfully treats multiple areas susceptible to aging in just one surgery. If you’re ringing in the new year with any concerns regarding excess sagging skin, volume loss and deeply etched wrinkles in your face, making the resolution to undergo a facelift procedure at Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists may be the perfect way to ring in 2019.

Facelift Procedures Most Commonly Address:

  • Sagging skin around the lower face and neck
  • Jowls
  • Deep creases that extend from your nose to the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds)
  • Lines that extend from the corners of your mouth to your chin (marionette lines)
  • Displaced or diminished facial volume
  • Double chin or excess skin below the chin (known as a “turkey wattle”)

Options for Every Age

There are many different variations of a facelift procedure available that can vary by the type of incisions used in the procedure, the areas of your face targeted for treatment and the amount of aging your skin has sustained. Dr. Marotta offers three unique facelift procedures that utilize the most modern technologies and techniques to help you restore the youthful look of your face while maintaining a natural appearance – nothing windblown or pulled too tight. The option best suited for you will depend on your expectations, your age, and the amount of invasiveness you are comfortable with during the procedure.

Dr. Marotta can help you determine which of the following procedures offered will yield the best results for you during your initial consultation:

  • Traditional/Full Facelift
  • Mid-Facelift
  • Mini Facelift

Traditional Facelift

A traditional facelift, or full facelift, is one of the most comprehensive approaches to restoring multiple areas of aging found on your lower face and neck. During a traditional facelift procedure, small incisions are made behind the ears and hidden in the hairline. The underlying tissue is repositioned, lifting the deeper layers of the skin’s tissue and facial muscles to create natural-looking, more youthful contours. Fat beneath the skin may be resculpted to restore volume, and excess sagging skin is trimmed away before redraping your skin and closing the incisions. This procedure is ideal for any patient with more advanced signs of aging present on the face and neck that are no longer easily concealed or treated nonsurgically.


The term “midface” refers to the area of your face found below your eyes and above your mouth. This area is susceptible to significant volume loss as you age, resulting in cheeks that have begun to sag or droop from the continuous pull of gravity, hollowed areas under the eyes, or deepening lines between the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds). Since the traditional facelift primarily focuses on signs of aging present on the lower face and neck, the midface-lift was developed to address less severe symptoms of aging found around the mid-face.

The midface-lift at Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists is performed endoscopically, which means a small camera is utilized to guide Dr. Marotta as he raises and restores your cheeks to a naturally younger, higher position on your face. The repositioned tissue will adhere to your underlying bone structure as you heal, allowing for long-lasting results.

Mini Facelift

The mini facelift, also referred to as Dr. Marotta’s EZ-Lift™, is the perfect option for anyone who has noticeable signs of aging present on the lower face and neck but may not feel they are ready for a full or traditional facelift. It is most commonly used to treat mild sagging around the neck or to eliminate the appearance of lines that extend from the corners of the mouth to the chin (marionette lines). It is substantially less invasive than a traditional facelift and requires considerably less time to recover. If you’re looking to address subtle signs of aging without waiting for things to get worse, Dr. Marotta’s EZ-Lift™ provides an effective and minimally-invasive solution.

If you’re ready to discover how you can achieve more youthful looking skin this winter that lasts for many winters to come, look no further than a facelift procedure at Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists. From minimally-invasive techniques to more drastic surgical procedures, Dr. Marotta has the expertise, innovation and compassion to make youthful skin a reality. Call our office at 631-982-2022 to schedule your consultation today.

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