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Facial contouring can help with self-esteem after weight lossMarotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

Loose skin around the neck and jaw is one of the most noticeable side effects of massive weight loss.

Facial contouring can help with self-esteem after weight loss

Massive weight loss can leave excess skin and other baggage behind, requiring some body and facial contouring to tighten up and smooth out your appearance. Many people lose weight in order to feel their best, and it's important to complete the job with skin tightening and similar cosmetic surgery procedures.

Regardless of what method is used to lose weight, it can be difficult to lose excess skin, especially after losing a significant amount of body fat. While loose skin can be hidden under clothing, it will still show around the face, jaw and neckline. Luckily, there are several plastic surgery procedures available to tone and tighten these areas, including:

Facelift – Getting a facelift is the most common way to get rid of loose skin around the face and tighten up your features. A full facelift can tighten the skin on your face, smooth out wrinkles and provide anti-aging benefits as well.

Implants – Cheek implants can lift your cheekbones and pull the skin around them tighter, helping to eliminate signs of weight loss and changing the shape of your face. There are a variety of methods for recontouring one's face, with malar implants providing the most drastic difference and higher cheekbones.

Ultherapy – For more focused skin tightening around the neck and jawline, ultherapy may be a better option. Using ultrasound technology, ultherapy heats the collagen in the target area, increasing production and making the skin tighter, healthier and younger looking. This specifically helps address droop in the cheeks and saggy skin around the jaw and neck.

If you're considering skin tightening or a facelift without surgery, contact Dr. James Marotta, the best plastic surgeon on Long Island.

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