IPL Photofacial

As we age, the skin loses the uniform texture and color present in youth. When people think of old skin, they immediately think of wrinkles. Less often do people notice that the aged appearance of skin is due largely to the presence of abnormal pigmentation in the form of lesions or age spots and the presence of abnormal blood vessels like spider veins and broken capillaries.

Intense Pulsed Light therapy harnesses the power of light to treat aging skin. IPL is like a laser but instead of one wavelength it uses the energy of many different wavelengths for treatment. The benefit is that it is safer, more efficient, and causes less downtime than a laser.

Our certified nurses uses the very latest in this technology. The spectrum of energy and power delivered is ideally suited to treat the visible signs of aging in the skin like age spots, broken capillaries, and spider veins. Damaged cells that contain pigment and broken vessels are dissolved with light energy while the surrounding tissue is left unharmed.

What can Our Certified Nurses treat with IPL?

  • Sunspots/sundamage
  • Rosacea
  • Spider veins or telengectasias
  • Cherry hemangiomas (small “cherry-red” raised lesions on the skin)
  • Port-Wine stains
  • Treatment areas include the face (photofacial), neck, chest, arms, back or legs
  • Acne

General Procedure

A detailed pre-procedure skin evaluation will be performed.  The settings on the machine are calibrated for your skin type and the problem to be treated. A moisturizing gel is applied to the treatment area. You will feel a cool sensation as the chilled tip of the Laser Hair Removal handpiece is applied to the skin. The treatment pulse is signaled by a tone and a flash of light. An initial single pulse of energy is delivered to the targeted area so you become acquainted with the sensation. Most patients describe it as the gentle snapping of a rubber band. Additional pulses are delivered until the entire area of concern is treated.


Immediately after the treatment, you may feel a mild sunburn-like sensation. Occasionally, you may have minor swelling which can last from 2-24 hours.  Cooling is used to minimize the potential for swelling. Hydro-cortisone cream and/or aloe gel may also help. Mild redness may also occur but resolves in 2-3 days.  Make-up and your regular skin care regimen may be resumed immediately post-therapy if there is no significant redness or after the redness, if present, has resolved. You may return to regular activities and work without any downtime.

If pigmentation or sunspots were treated, they will darken over 48 hours and fall off within 7-14 days. A follow up evaluation will be performed 1 month following treatment.

Vessels or vascular lesions may disappear or darken immediately after treatment. A follow up evaluation will be performed at 7-14 days.

Every treatment will improve the appearance of your skin. Depending upon the individual and the severity of the problem being treated, one to several treatments(up to 4) may be required for complete clearance.