Scar Revision

Noticeable scarring, whether due to an accident, acne or a genetic condition, can take an incredible emotional toll. If you constantly feel the need to cover up because of an existing imperfection, now is the time to take a step toward leading a happier and fuller life.

At Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists, we offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments to reduce the appearance of scars and help you feel confident in your own skin.

How do I know what treatment method is right for me?

Determining what treatment(s) would be most effective for your scar depends on multiple factors including the severity of scarring, the likelihood of future scarring, skin pigmentation, age and more. During your initial consultation, Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. James Marotta will evaluate your skin and review these details to help you devise an effective treatment plan to rid you of the unsightly scarring and reveal healthy, beautiful skin.

Acne Scarring treatment at Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists
Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. Marotta uses a number of different techniques to eradicate the unsightly pockmarks and other scars left behind by years of acne.

These skin care treatments include:

Visit our acne scarring page to learn more about these offerings.

Scar revision is a surgical technique employed by Dr. Marotta to minimize the appearance of existing scars and align existing scars with natural skin folds. Complex closure with advanced suturing techniques, Z-plasty, geometric broken line closure, bilobed flaps and rhombic flaps are just some of the advanced surgical techniques employed by Dr. Marotta to improve and minimize scar appearance. These procedures can help improve the cosmetic and functional appearance of scars. Laser treatments with the Total Fx, Deep Fx, or Scaar Fx can further blend and lighten scars. Dr. Marotta also frequently uses dermabrasion following scar revision surgery.

Contact Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists today to learn more about these treatment options and how they may benefit you.  At Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists, we believe that everyone has the right to look and feel their best. Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Marotta.