PDO Thread Lift

PDO Thread Lift is a non-surgical procedure that uses hypodermic needles and synthetic, absorbable threads to gently lift sagging skin. The polydioxanone (PDO) sutures used here have been proven safe by years of usefulness in cardiac surgery. In fact, the threads will be fully absorbed by the body within four to six months.

The results of the procedure are immediate and there’s very minimal recovery time. The threads cause a rejuvenation of the skin’s appearance by lightly tightening the tissue and promoting the natural development of new collagen.

This exciting new procedure produces excellent results without the need for invasive surgery or long recovery periods.

What can be treated with PDO Thread Lift?
● Sagging cheeks, jowls and skin around the neck.
● Smile lines.
● Undefined jaw lines.
● Thin lips.

PDO Thread Lift is best suited for people with minimal signs of aging. It isn’t meant to replace a full face lift. It’s ideal for raising confidence levels with minimal investment.

How is PDO Thread Lift performed?
Dr. Marotta marks and numbs the area to be treated. The patient remains awake during the procedure and pain is kept to a minimum. Using a precision needle, Dr. Marotta inserts the thread into the marked location where it will grasp onto sagging tissue and gently pull it tight. No incisions are necessary.

After securing the thread, the doctor removes the needle. Each unique procedure may require a different number of threads. Generally, the process is quick and can be performed in under an hour.

What is the recovery process?
The effects of PDO Thread Lift are immediate. Patients will see the great results as soon as Dr. Marotta finishes. As with any procedure that involves injections, there may be some minor swelling and redness that lasts a few days. Over-the-counter pain medication and a cool compress may minimize these side effects.

Results typically last up to a year. Patients should see natural collagen development around the thread sites during the weeks and months following the procedure.

Dr. Marotta is a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon. He is committed to delivering the best experience possible to his clients. Schedule a consultation today to see how Dr. Marotta and his team can help you decide if a non-invasive PDO thread lift is right for you.