Taking care of your skin by eating well, using sun screen and adhering to a regular skincare regimen is an important part of retaining your youthful good looks over time. However, no matter how disciplined you may be in this respect, age is bound to catch up with you at some point. If you’ve noticed that no amount of cover up can leave you looking and feeling your best, injectables could be the answer.

DYSPORT is one of the many injectables we offer at Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists in Long Island. It has been approved to treat certain conditions involving crossed eyes, eyelid spasm, cervical dystonia (a spastic muscle disorder with the neck) and motor disorders of the facial nerve (VII cranial nerve). As of April 2009, it has been FDA approved for the cosmetic treatment of forehead wrinkles caused by specific muscle groups. However, this facial injection can be used to address crow’s feet wrinkles, neck bands and other signs of aging in an “off-label” fashion.

What is DYSPORT® and how does it work?

Clostridia botulina bacteria produce a class of chemical compounds known as “toxins” that can be tapped for anti-aging results by Long island plastic surgeons. The abobotulinumtoxinA (DYSPORT®) is processed and purified to produce a sterile product suitable for specific therapeutic uses. Once the diluted toxin is injected, it produces a temporary paralysis of muscle by preventing transmission of nerve impulses to muscle. The result is smoother, more youthful skin, and generally lasts for approximately four months.

What to expect during your DYSPORT® treatment at Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists

At Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists, Our Injectable experts customize DYSPORT® injections for every patient depending on his or her particular needs. These treatments can be performed in areas involving the eye region, forehead, face, lips and neck. Though DYSPORT® cannot stop the aging process, it can temporarily diminish the look of wrinkles caused by muscle groups. DYSPORT® injections may be performed as a singe procedure or as an adjunct to another non-surgical treatment like Restylane, a chemical peel, or even facial plastic surgery.