Facelift and Neck Lift

facelift patientThere is a golden rule when it comes to aesthetic treatment: balance. It doesn’t matter if you are having an extensive surgery or a quick injectable treatment, the priority of every surgeon or medical professional should be to achieve improvements that are harmonious with the rest of your appearance.

This is why at Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists, we offer the face and neck lift as an option for men and women who are experiencing moderate or severe skin laxity in their lower face and neck areas. Improving the face without addressing the neck can create an unusual contrast between these neighboring areas, so it is better to tackle them simultaneously.

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What Is a Face and Neck Lift?

The aging process brings a lot of changes with it. One of the most impactful to our appearance is the decrease in vital protein production like collagen and elastin, two substances that are directly responsible for the tautness of our skin. After the age of 20, our bodies lose approximately 1 percent of their collagen production every year.

By the time you hit 30, that decline has become visible for most people. Our once tight skin now sags beneath our jawline or chin, folds start to develop on our neck, the lines between our nose and the corners of our mouth deepen and, in some cases, even a sunken appearance in the cheeks show.

And these issues only get worse as you get older. Eventually, you might even find that your outer appearance is not a good representation of how young and energetic you feel on the outside.

A face and neck lift was developed to help bring your appearance back to a place that you can feel comfortable and confident in. By making small incisions throughout the face, excess skin can be removed and your face can be pulled taut, shaving years off your appearance. Facelifts and neck lifts are so effective that in 2019, more than 123,000 people had facelifts and nearly 55,000 people had neck lifts, according to a report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

  1. Smoking habits — If you are a smoker, you are automatically considered to be at a higher risk of developing surgical complications. Additionally, your skin suffers additional damage from regular smoking, so your results may not be ideal. Speak to your physician about your smoking habit to figure out if it will affect your eligibility.
  2. Preexisting conditions — If you have any conditions or diagnoses that put you at a higher risk of developing surgical complications, you may not be a candidate for a face and neck lift. Dr. Marotta will review your conditions during your consultation and let you know if this surgery is still an option. In many cases, steps can be taken to avoid certain risks, so you shouldn’t count yourself out until you meet with our office.
  3. Realistic expectations – It is essential that you fully understand the capabilities and limitations of face and neck lifts so that you are not disappointed in the results of an otherwise successful procedure. This surgery can create substantial improvement to your appearance, but it cannot turn back time or address areas outside of the lower face and neck. We highly recommend looking at facelift and neck lift before and after photos to get a clear idea of what kind of results you can expect.

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How Should I Prepare for Face and Neck Lift?

Before your procedure day, Dr. Marotta will provide you with a list of preoperative instructions to follow in the time leading up to your face and neck lift. This list will include directions on medication use and other precautions that may be necessary for your safety. You must have someone with you on the day of your procedure who can drive you to and from the surgery since the anesthesia will prevent you from driving yourself.

We also recommend setting up a recovery station for yourself to come home to that has all of the necessities like entertainment, medication and tech that you will need during your recovery time. This will prevent you from having to get up too often and allow you to focus on resting.

What Should I Expect from a Face and Neck Lift Procedure?

When you are brought back into the surgical room, the first step is providing you with anesthesia to make you comfortable during the procedure. Most patients are put under general anesthesia, but IV sedation is also available. The determination on which to use will be made early in your consultation, so you are well prepared for the surgery day.

To address the lower face and neck, Dr. Marotta will make an incision on each side of your face. The incision will begin somewhere along the lower part of your hairline near the neck and will go up above the ear and back into the upper hairline. This method allows the scars to be hidden within the hairline and in the natural folds near your ears.

Your surgeon will excise any extra tissue, and the remaining skin will be draped tautly over your lower face, creating a much more youthful appearance. The incisions will then be closed with sutures, and you will be sent back to a room to begin your recovery process.

What Should I Expect During Face and Neck Lift Recovery?

It will take up to four weeks to fully recover from face and neck lift surgery, but that time will be broken down into different stages. Directly after your procedure, you can expect mild to moderate pain and discomfort since the incisions are just beginning to heal. Dr. Marotta can provide you with over-the-counter or prescription pain medication to help alleviate this pain if necessary.

Over the next few days, you should expect to develop a fair amount of swelling and bruising. This side effect is completely normal and should subside within the first week. Most pain, discomfort, swelling, and bruising should subside around the two-week mark, and at four weeks, you can generally resume rigorous activity once cleared by your physician.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from a Face and Neck Lift?

You can expect to see a significant improvement in skin sagging and nasolabial folds after having a face and neck lift. The new, taut skin will create a more youthful appearance that blends well with the rest of your features. While the results are permanent, is it possible for new skin ptosis to develop, so we recommend doing what you can to keep your skin healthy (especially during hot and cold weather. 

Rejuvenate Your Face with a Face and Neck Lift in Smithtown

If you are ready to schedule a consultation with Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists, give our office a call at (631) 982-2022 or fill out our online contact form. We are looking forward to being your partner through this process and giving you back the appearance you deserve.