Facial Fat Transfer

Some of the latest advances in facial plastic surgery are in the area of liposculpture or fat injections. Fat can be used to augment deficient areas (e.g. lips or cheeks) or to fill in deep gravity lines (nasolabial folds). Fat injections offer several advantages over other techniques: fat is soft, comes from your own body, and can provide permanent results. A large percentage of the fat that is injected survives as living tissue.

Long Island facial plastic surgeon Dr. Marotta uses the most advanced techniques in fat processing and fat injection to insure lasting, natural results. Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists, PC is a state of the art surgical facility in Smithtown, NY serving patients from NYC, Long Island and all of New York.

Reasons for getting Facial Fat Transfer:

  • To augment deficient areas like the lips or cheeks.
  • To fill in deep gravity lines like the nasolabial folds.
  • You desire more permanent correction than provided by temporary fillers.

General Procedure

A small incision is made hidden in the umbilicus (belly button). An adequate amount of fat is suctioned from the abdomen depending on the intended area for re-injection. The fat is processed (washed of oil) and injected into the desired area with an instrument through just a needle puncture.


Post-operatively, we recommend only light activity and head of bed elevation. You will have an elastic bandage around your abdomen to help reduce swelling. You may have other bandages if you’ve had another procedure at the same time.  You will have swelling and bruising at the injection site. Most patients report only mild soreness in the abdomen and at the injection site (s).  Oral pain medication is all that is required. The stitches in the belly button are removed after 7 days. Most patients return to work one-two weeks following surgery.

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