Cheek Implants

What are malar implants?
Malar or cheekbone implants are meant to correct a deficiency of the cheek bone itself. Long Island plastic surgeon Dr. James Marotta places them directly on the most prominent part of the cheek bone (known clinically as the malar prominence). Augmentation of this area gives the patient a higher-arched cheek bone and a more attractive facial profile.

What are the benefits of malar implants?
Every patient at our Long Island facility is different, but many consult Dr. Marotta about malar implants to address the following:

  • Malar hypoplasia (small cheek bones).
  • Accent the upper cheeks, making them appear higher and fuller.

What are combined malar – submalar implants?

Combined malar – submalar implants correct deficiencies of both the cheek bone and the fleshy portion below the cheek. Dr. Marotta, your long island facial plastic surgeon, may recommend combined malar-submalar implants to address the following:

  • Accenting the upper cheeks making them appear higher and fuller
  • Addressing malar hyoplasia or the issue many face who have smaller cheekbones.
  • Correcting facial deficiencies of the complete cheek below and above the most prominent bone
  • Creating a softer, more well-rounded facial appearance
  • Restoring a healthy appearance to the lower, fleshy portion of the cheek

By addressing both portions of the face, patients can achieve their most desired appearance.

What are the benefits of submalar implants?

Dr. Marotta may recommend submalar implants to achieve the following:

  • Restore healthy fullness to the lower, fleshy portion of the cheeks.
  • Malar hypoplasia (small cheek bones)
  • Accent the upper cheeks, making them appear higher and fuller.
High cheek bones are a coveted facial feature.
High cheek bones are a coveted facial feature.

What are submalar implants?
Submalar implants, by contrast, are meant to correct a deficiency of the fleshy portion of the cheek and are placed directly below the most prominent portion of the cheek bone. By filling in this area, your Long Island plastic surgeon restores fullness to the cheeks and eliminates the sunken look that is associated with age and illness. If needed, Dr. Marotta may provide additional augmentation of this area with fat or a filler.

What to expect during your cheek implant at Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists
Whether Dr. Marotta is using combined malar-submalar, malar or submalar implants, the procedure itself is essentially the same. Your Long Island plastic surgeon will place you under deep sedation with local anesthesia. Then Dr. Marotta makes a small incision inside the mouth to allow the implant to be positioned directly onto or below the cheek bone. The implant is held in place temporarily with a suture. Dr. Marotta places tapes on the outside of your cheek, then the incisions inside the mouth are closed with dissolvable sutures. There are no external incisions involved in this procedure, so no visible scars will remain.

Immediately after your Long Island plastic surgery, your face will be fitted with bandages that extend around your cheeks to the back of the head in order to facilitate recovery and reduce swelling. Generally, we advise our patients to keep their head elevated in bed and to restrict physical activity while they recover. Our patients sometimes report minor pain associated with surgery that can be treated with oral medication. You will also be prescribed antibiotics. The bandages will be removed during your first post-operative visit with Dr. Marotta. The tapes on your cheeks will also be removed in five days, allowing the implant to adhere to the surrounding tissue. There will be some minor dietary restrictions for a few days after surgery to reduce the risk of infection, like avoiding milk products. Complications from this surgery are relatively rare, but you can always consult Dr. Marotta if you have any concerns.

The implant is made from material that has been used since the 1950s with an excellent safety profile, and is generally accepted well into the surrounding tissue. This means you can enjoy the benefits of your cheek implants for a lifetime, and all you will ever feel is you!