Even with proper diet and exercise, most adults struggle with areas of fat that seem impossible to reduce. These problem areas may decrease self-confidence, as well as affect other aspects of life, such as relationships and even careers. Although appearances are not everything in life, sometimes they can feel as if they are. Put your best self forward, both inside and out, with a SculpSure™ treatment.

SculpSure™ is a breakthrough, noninvasive procedure that enables patients to contour their body by reducing bothersome areas of fat in just 25 minutes without surgery or downtime. Utilizing light-based technology, our trained physicians are able to reduce fat through controlled hyperthermic means.

With each treatment, patients are able to reduce up to 24 percent of fat in problem areas such as the abdomen and love handles. Using 1060 nm wavelength technology, the adipose tissue of the fat is targeted without damaging the dermal tissue or harmful absorption in the dermis.

During this procedure, little to no pain is felt by the patient, as the SculpSure™ applicator has Contact Cooling™ for maximum patient comfort. Able to treat multiple anatomical areas due to its flexible applicator system, patients can treat a wide range of problem areas. Most commonly chosen are the abdomen and flanks.

Over time, using this type of treatment, the body is able to naturally reduce disrupted fat cells, with results during clinical trials appearing as quickly as six weeks after the initial treatment, and optimal results seen within 12 weeks.

This form of treatment can be used on all skin types and has a 90 percent patient satisfaction rate. Take back control of your body and overall appearance today with a SculpSure™ treatment.

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