Breast Augmentation

shutterstock_114389263A breast augmentation, also known as a mammoplasty, is a procedure performed to accentuate the size and shape of a woman’s breasts.

A breast augmentation can:

  • Enhance body shape by making smaller breasts larger
  • Equalize any difference in breast size (cup size) for improved symmetry
  • Increase breast volume after pregnancy and nursing
  • Reconstruct breasts following a mastectomy or injury

Breast augmentations were the number one plastic surgery procedure in 2014, with over 200,000 performed, according to an American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s Report.

Our Board Certified Physicians specialize in cosmetic breast surgery and breast reconstruction.  Our physicians have a wealth of experience in a range of surgical procedures , including novel breast reconstruction techniques.

A breast augmentation begins with making a small incision to insert an implant. Although there are several possible locations for the incision to be made, the most common is to make the incision in the lower portion of the breast. Other techniques include making an incision in the armpit, around the areola or inside the belly button. The type of incision that will be made is determined during your consultation, with a decision reached by both you and your doctor.

During the procedure, the tissues are divided to create a pocket. An implant is then inserted underneath the chest wall muscle (more typical), or underneath the breast gland (less typical). Implants can either be saline or silicone, textured or smooth, round or anatomical. The ideal implant location, size and type vary for each patient.

Surgery can take anywhere between one to two hours depending on the patient.

As with any major surgery, postoperative instructions include plenty of rest and limited movement. At the end of the procedure, bandages and a specialized bra are applied to aid in healing and to minimize movement.

Some patients do report minor pain after the surgery, but this can be treated with oral medication.

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